Quad Store Wireless Super Starter IOT programming and development kit for NodeMCU ESP8266 compatible with arduino IDE


  • Complete Set: This kit includes LEDs, motors, buzzers, switches, photoresistors, transistors, etc. which are all basic items in electronics. This starter kit is ideal for beginners who want to learn basic electronics and as well as for professionals that are in need of basic electronic components for their advanced projects.
  • The ESP8266 Module: The ESP8266 Module offers a hardware I/O and it is compatible with the Arduino IDE. It comes with an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that gives any microcontroller for wireless access.
  • Easy to Build – Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided and complete your first electronics project in no time. No soldering needed.
  • Durable Storage Box: All items are packed inside a durable box that keeps them organized. Bring your kit anywhere and keep the electronic components free from damaging and breaking inside the storage kit.
  • Manual: The kit comes with downloadable user guide and source code. Download instructions are provide in the kit.
  • Please refer to the listing picture parts list for detailed parts included with the kit.

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