Microbit SmartCar – Obstacle Avoidance

Introduction to Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car

An Obstacle Avoiding Robot is a type of autonomous mobile robot that avoids collision with unexpected obstacles. In this project, an Obstacle Avoiding Robot is designed. It is an Microbit based robot that uses Ultrasonic range finder sensors to avoid collisions.


Obstacle avoiding robots can be used in almost all mobile robot navigation systems. They can be used for household work like automatic vacuum cleaning. They can also be used in dangerous environments, where human penetration could be fatal.

Assembly Instruction: Chassis, Wheels and Ultrasonic Sensor

Step-1: Top side and Bottom side.

Step-2: Insert both the wheels. Make sure the wheels are inserted as per the grove.

Step-3: Insert Ultrasonic Sensor HC-04 into the holder.

Step-4: Insert the Micro:bit into the holder. Kindly note the right way of inserting.

Step-5: Plug in the USB cable into Microbit and download the following code.



Either copy and paste, or re-create the following code into your own MakeCode editor by clicking the “Edit” Option in the upper right-hand corner of the editor window. You can also just download this example by clicking the download button in the lower right-hand corner of the code window.

Step-6: Insert the batteries and switch on the car.


You will notice the car will avoid the obstacle in front of it and move in the direction where there is no obstacle.





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