Quad Store(TM) – STEM based DIY learning activity educational electronics kit for science, robotics, school, college, hobby, projects

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  • STEM based electronics kit will bring out your innovative ideas. Explore different possibilities with our DIY kit.
  • Different real-world sensors like Gas/Smoke sensor, Fire sensor, Water sensor, Infrared, Photoresistor, touch sensors and many more are included.
  • Build interesting projects like Bugler alarm, Laser Security system, overhead tank alarm, line following car, Obstacle avoiding car, automatic water tap etc. Over 200+ projects can be built with this kit.
  • Use our Q-Box processors capability to build series and parallel circuit projects. Sky is the limit for your innovation.
  • Absolutely NO coding/programming skills are required. With our easy to use plug and play wires, sensors and modules you are ready to go! All sensors and modules are compatible with microcontrollers.
  • Youtube Video Tutorials link:  <Click Here>