Makerzoid SUPERBOT 26-in-1 Coding Robot Kit STEM Programmable APP-Enabled Building Robot Learning Kit for Kids (CODING)

Original price was: ₹10,000.00.Current price is: ₹8,499.00.

【Programmable STEAM Building Block】
As our first programmable building block set, superbot gained lots of fans relies on its sharp colors and cool racing car and truck models. Only need to drag and drop a few of orders in “Coding” section then can make it move, simple but full of coding basic knowledge.
【400+ piece of Bricks with Integrated Motor Control】
Superbot has 400+ pieces of brick, could build over 26 models. Mainly are different racing cars, truck, drawing machine…etc. Integrated motor (batteries not included) makes the contructure easier. Programming beginner is recommanded to take this as first go.
【Car Racing Battle Games On】
Superbot brings kid endless fun in building, playing then battling with their car models together which makes it become the new pop in kids’ party. Let’s play with your friend and make a car battle game!
With the FREE MAKZERZOID app from App Store and Google Play, via bluetooth connection with smart devices, kids can build the models easily from the “Build” section then could control the motorized robot to move in all directions that bring so much of joy.
【Extra Benefits of Superbot】
Superbot is added some coding knowledge in a simple and easy way for kids to understand better. Its basic design is also based on the knowledge of science, technology, engineering mathematics and arts which could help kids develop their logical thinking, imagination, creativity and ability of problem solving.

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