Quad Store E-bicycle STANDARD conversion do it yourself ebike kit


  • STANDARD Kit: Comes with best-in-class standard sockets. Value for money kit.
  • Hight quality high gauge wires used for all the components.
  • Parts list for Standard kit
    1. Hailong style battery case
    2. Inbuilt controller with the battery case. Saves lot of space.
    3. 36v 250w DC Motor
    4. LED display unit with battery indicator & 3 different modes.
    5. Half twist throttle with handles
    6. Brakes – Left and Right side
    7. 6 PAS pedal assist
  • This is a Do It yourself conversion kit which required assembly of all the parts. Just plug and Play type sockets to connect different parts.
  • Note: Does not include battery. User need to purchase separately based on their need and assemble with the battery holder.

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