DIY Line Follower Robot using Arduino compatible Uno R3, L293D shield, IR sensor with step by step video tutorial compatible with Arduino IDE


  • How to make a line follower robot using arduino and IR sensor ? It’s very simple. Purchase our line follower robot kit and follow the detailed step by step video tutorial that comes with the kit. 
  • Make a simple 100% working line follower robot car using our arduino-compatible Uno R3. L293D shield and IR Sensors. You cannot go wrong with line following robot car any more. Make the car in under 15 minutes.
  • We have simplified the parts used, pre-soldered the L293D analog pins, DC motor wires to make it simple for assembly.
  • Included battery holder has ON-OFF switch with DC jack, so forget about fitting a separate switch and save time..
  • Download instructions about source code and circuit diagrams are provided with the kit.

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