Microbit SmartCar – Infrared Red Remote Control

Introduction IR, or infrared, communication is a common, inexpensive, and easy to use wireless communication technology. IR light is very similar to visible light, except that it has a slightlty longer wavelength. This means IR is undetectable to the human eye – perfect for wireless communication. For example, when you hit a button on your […]

Microbit SmartCar – Obstacle Avoidance

Introduction to Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car An Obstacle Avoiding Robot is a type of autonomous mobile robot that avoids collision with unexpected obstacles. In this project, an Obstacle Avoiding Robot is designed. It is an Microbit based robot that uses Ultrasonic range finder sensors to avoid collisions. Uses Obstacle avoiding robots can be used in almost all mobile robot navigation systems. They can be used […]

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#include “MotorDriver.h” MotorDriver motor; void setup() { // initialize motor.begin(); } void loop() { motor.speed(0, 100); // set motor0 to speed 100 delay(1000); motor.brake(0); // brake delay(1000); motor.speed(0, -100); // set motor0 to speed -100 delay(1000); motor.stop(0); // stop delay(1000); } // END FILE   #include <Servo.h> Servo servo_1; // servo controller (multiple can exist) […]

Microbit Lesson-19: Displaying temperature and humidity in LCD display

Introduction In this lesson, we will show you how to use the DHT11 sensor module to work with a micro bit and display the real-time value on the I2C 1602 LCD screen. Parts Needed 1x micro:bit 1x Micro B USB Cable 1x micro:bit Breakout (with Headers) 1x Breadboard 5x Jumper Wires 1x  DHT11 Sensor Module 1x  I2C 1602 LCD Wiring Diagram […]

Microbit Lesson-16: DHT11 Sensor (Temperature Sensor)

Introduction The digital temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 inside contains a chip that does analog to digital conversion and spits out a digital signal with the temperature and humidity, compatible with any MCUs, ideal for those who want some basic data logging stuffs. It’s very popular for electronics hobbyists because it is very cheap but still providing […]